A few weeks ago I won an award at work for outstanding performance employee of the year. With that award I won some money. I was completely surprised and speechless. I didn’t know what to do with the money. I thought to myself, for once (lol), I could save it or put it towards some bills.

My boyfriend tried convincing me that I deserved to spend it on something I wanted. I thought about it for a week. Even talked to my family about what I should do. Never thought I’d ever received a bonus like this.

After carefully thinking, I decided to purchase a new tablet. Pretty much an upgrade as to what I had before. I had the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and I upgraded it to the Samsung galaxy note pro 12. I did donate my old tablet to my niece as she wants to draw like me and many other artist that she has come across. This tablet is so cool, I’m so glad I bought it. It has the same drawing app but has upgraded its features on it that you couldn’t get unless you bought the new tablet.


This is what I was able to create with it. I drew the girl on the swing and colored her in. The only think I didn’t do was create the background. I got it off of google images. I blurted the background so there was depth to the photo. I had so much fun making this. Did it in less than 24 hours ( which is a record for me ) and am so amazed as to what I was able to accomplish. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Weekend fun

Hello lovelies – I hope your all having a wonderful weekend. I finally had a weekend with nothing to do. I relaxed and cleaned my house, and was able to complete a drawing.


This is a style I believe Is one I can make my own. I love the way I was able to make it look cartoony (I know it’s not a word lol) and realistic at the same time. For a moment I almost got stuck staring at her eyes. I am very happy with this piece. I feel she can be a character I could continue to draw 🙂 I’m going to call her Olivia. I love that name.

I got some good news too! Today I was checking out Instagram and found out that I had gotten 107 followers. I am so excited and grateful! I also got more followers on my Facebook page. It just goes to show me I have to keep going, and eventually I will get noticed. 🙂

I also don’t want it to go unnoticed that I have received more followers on this blog in a month then I thought I would. I too am grateful that you guys want to be a part of this journey with me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week 🙂 please feel free to comment and/or follow my Instagram

The Day after Christmas


Good Morning/evening everyone. I had the best day yesterday! I love watching everyone open the gifts I bought them, and to see that I did good with the smiles of satisfaction that came my way. It was cold here in California. A lot colder than it has been in a while here.

My love and I spent the day at his grandma’s farm yesterday. I tried to get pictures but I started having trouble with my phone and it wouldn’t charge so I couldn’t take any pictures once we got there :(.

My morning started with waking up next to my love, and in between us were our two cats, Peaches and Luigi. For me, it 1225140744awas the perfect way to start my morning,

We stayed in bed petting them and listening to their motor sounding purrs. It was the sweetest thing ever. Normally they sleep on each side of my boyfriend. Luigi is the one with the full grey helmet and Peaches is the one with only half the grey helmet. we seriously got lucky when we found them. We have had them for a year.

After we laid in bed for a while I brought in my gift for him. I got him some wrangler Jeans and two shirts. My boyfriend isn’t really big on gifts, which is fine, but it makes it difficult when you want to do something special for him. He got me exactly what I want1224142048aed!! I plugged it in right away and started printing out my artwork.

I wanted to see what it came out like. I printed from my phone, I scanned in some pictures, I even printed from my laptop. It was funny.

After all that we left to go to his grandma’s and spent time with his family. It was wonderful, and great company. I got a sweatshirt that I have also been eyeballing. It has the breast Cancer ribbon on the front and back. So much fun.

Any who, I started working on a new drawing. No1226140840t really sure where I am going w/ it but this is what I have so far.  I did this part in about 20 mins last night while we were watching the guardian of the galaxies. I want to do this one digitally, as far as coloring it in. I haven’t touched my tablet in a few weeks for drawing and I kind of miss it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today!!

I’m ready!

Merry Christmas eve everyone! thought I was done Christmas shopping, but it seems I missed a few people. I don’t know what happened! Lol, I counted everyone. I kind of feel like the different stores I went to failed to put my items in the bag, but to no avail I wasn’t charged for the items I THOUGHT I purchased. Lol, so I failed. But! I made up for it as I pushed myself passed the many people doing their last minuet Christmas shopping. And finally I am ready! Ready for tomorrow and the long day ahead of med :). Really looking forward to the stories and walking down memory lane.

I was able to finish the drawing I started on this past weekend. I love it! There are a few thinIMG_20141224_203658gs I struggled with. The portion’s and trying to get the shading right. This picture doesn’t really give the coloring justice.The lighting is slightly off, but it is the best I can do for now.

I’ve never really done a drawing like this before. I wanted her to be fierce, strong and confident. I do believe that I pulled that off. I couldn’t decide what hair color to give her. Did I want it to be natural color’s, or did I want to go a little crazier and bright? Well I chose to go on the brighter, crazier side. Plus I had pink hair once upon a time and I can’t even begin to explain how different I felt with pink hair. I loved it!

I went out of my comfort zone a bit with this picture. I usually draw my girls with clothes. There is nothing wrong with nudity, and I am not afraid of that. I just try to be aware of the people who will see my art, especially my nieces and nephew who love my work. I know I can filter then when showing my sketch book, but some of them of social media and can see what I post. I guess the best way I can describe the feeling is like watching a sex scene with your parents. Awkward! lol. I have this one family member (who shall remain a secrete ;)) and almost every drawing I do, I get asked what I was thinking when I drew it? And what made me want to do it? Not that I don’t love the questions, but I feel this would be a little more difficult to explain.

Any who, it is about 10:15 here in California and as much as I would love to stay awake and write more, I am beyond spent. Finally home, after being away for the past 4 days, and I worked at 5am. Until tomorrow my sweet followers.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas/holidays today (for those who are already celebrating).

Amazing night



My other niece

Today was a wonderful day. I spent the day with my mom, my other dad (too good to be called a step dad), my sister and her 2 daughters. It was a beautiful day. I didn’t really get to do anything creative tonight, but I’m ok with that.
We had a wonderful dinner and then watches the kids open presents. Its so funny to think when I younger how I loved  receiving gifts And now I love seeing their faces when they open a gift I bought them.

After that, I drove 30 mins to where I am now sitting in my car writing this blog from my phone. I’m sitting in a dark parking lot, which sometimes scares me. I am waiting for my father to show up. I help him every Sunday folding newspapers for the San Francisco chronicle. (Local newspaper for those who don’t live in California). I do it to help him out because otherwise it would take him 2 hours just to fold vs the 45 mins if I help him. Plus I love him 🙂


Tomorrow I am taking a day to myself. This could mean crocheting, drawing, playing video games, perhaps reading. Any who. I’m going to attempt to sneak in a quick nap before my dad gets here. Goodnight everyone.

Don’t be afraid to comment either. I’m interested in knowing what you guys are doing for the holidays?


I did it! I finished My first submission for the Xmas contest. I was determined to finish it before the weekend even really started. I worked a half day today, went shopping for Christmas gifts. I have a dinner tomorrow with my moms side of the family. I am not one who really enjoys shopping, for many reasons really. I am a get in and get out kind of person. I ended up going with my sister. We went to 4 different stores and were done in about 2.5 hours. 20 mins of that we spent eating lunch.

I went into a Hobby Lobby for the first time ever. OH MY GOODNESS!! That place is horrible for me. I will go bankrupt being in there lol. It’s like a Target, Pier one, & Michael’s in one. I don’t know how but I walked out of there not spending a single dime, however I did spy some things that I have to have so I will return….soon. =0P

I did get my new Prismacolor pencils, and sketch book. I have to say I thought the sketch book was going to be a little bigger, but that’s alright I can work w/ it. The color pencils I got were all skin tone related. I wanted them to be able to have

1212141539amore colors to help blend the colors together. I also got colorless blenders. First time I had seen them, but they are used to help blend the colors together, make them smoother. I have been using white for a long time, and it works but why not save the white pencil for when needed the most.

Any who, after shopping I rushed home and immediately started working on my drawing. I had to finish it today and I am so happy that I did. I still have a little more shopping to do, but I saved that for tomorrow. Tonight I am going to start sketching out a different Christmas scene. I plan on submitting at least two. Well I hope you enjoy the picture I have done thus far.


If you would like to see more of my work, please Check out my instagram. Also don’t forget to check out my store for some items on sale!