Breast cancer awareness


This picture was one I had a pleasure drawing. I have a lot of family members and people I have come into contact with that have either, won the battle of breast  cancer, or unfortunately lost their life to it. I have a friend whose mom is working on winning the battle with breast cancer. She is a woman who is also like my own mother. She struggled for a min, but quickly making her way back to the woman she was before.

I wanted to draw this because I wanted to let her know that it doesn’t matter what you look like, or what you are going through, you are a beautiful just the way you are (I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true). To get a little personal, as a woman to have your breast, the one thing that truly can make you feel like a woman, taken away from you in order to live, is a struggle I hate watching my loved ones go through. It’s crazy when there are no other options but to remove what you have carried for many many years. Yes, you can get fake boobs, but I just imagine that it isn’t the same. It’s different for woman who weren’t blessed with voluptuous breast and wanting to get fake ones to help them feel sexier, more like a woman.

Writing about this makes me really sad because I know the struggle my friend is going through. Having to explain to her son why he can’t visit his grandma as much. Or when there is one person sick in their house, they have to postpone the visit to her mom, to prevent the risk of her getting sick.

Anyone who knows anyone going through tnis, or even if you are/have gone through this. Hang in there! You got this and can overcome this. And don’t worry about the hair loss or the lack of breast, because what really matters is that you are the same person inside and that alone is beautiful.

The Day after Christmas


Good Morning/evening everyone. I had the best day yesterday! I love watching everyone open the gifts I bought them, and to see that I did good with the smiles of satisfaction that came my way. It was cold here in California. A lot colder than it has been in a while here.

My love and I spent the day at his grandma’s farm yesterday. I tried to get pictures but I started having trouble with my phone and it wouldn’t charge so I couldn’t take any pictures once we got there :(.

My morning started with waking up next to my love, and in between us were our two cats, Peaches and Luigi. For me, it 1225140744awas the perfect way to start my morning,

We stayed in bed petting them and listening to their motor sounding purrs. It was the sweetest thing ever. Normally they sleep on each side of my boyfriend. Luigi is the one with the full grey helmet and Peaches is the one with only half the grey helmet. we seriously got lucky when we found them. We have had them for a year.

After we laid in bed for a while I brought in my gift for him. I got him some wrangler Jeans and two shirts. My boyfriend isn’t really big on gifts, which is fine, but it makes it difficult when you want to do something special for him. He got me exactly what I want1224142048aed!! I plugged it in right away and started printing out my artwork.

I wanted to see what it came out like. I printed from my phone, I scanned in some pictures, I even printed from my laptop. It was funny.

After all that we left to go to his grandma’s and spent time with his family. It was wonderful, and great company. I got a sweatshirt that I have also been eyeballing. It has the breast Cancer ribbon on the front and back. So much fun.

Any who, I started working on a new drawing. No1226140840t really sure where I am going w/ it but this is what I have so far.  I did this part in about 20 mins last night while we were watching the guardian of the galaxies. I want to do this one digitally, as far as coloring it in. I haven’t touched my tablet in a few weeks for drawing and I kind of miss it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today!!