Hi guys! Sorry I missed a few days of posting. Had a busy weekend that just lead into today.

So today I wanted to tell you guys about a frustrating situation. I don’t if anyone has ever experienced this and maybe not with drawing but anything else that you might have creatively done.

I try not to draw when I’m upset because I just find myself not taking my time on things, that really should require patients. I don’t put enough “love” into the piece… Not the kind I would like to make it my own.

So on Friday night, after a long day at work, I came home to work on a piece I started the previous night. Someone (who I will not put on blast) called me and wanted to discuss a dramatic situation. I was asked for my opinion, so I stated it, but it wasn’t in this persons favor and they pretty much ended the call by hanging up. While I was talking to this person I was continuing to work on my artwork. When the call was released I just got stuck looking at what I had done.

I thought about taking pictures, but I just was so pissed that I drew a giant “X” across it and ripped it up. I was angry because I knew I should have stopped working on it once I was on the phone, but no I kept going. I was also angry because I had been in visioning this picture in my head for a few days and it just didn’t go the way I expected.

I did end up drawing something new though and fell in love with it right away.


Please check out my Instagram to see the finished product coming soon!

Hope everyone is have a wonderful start to the new year. Goodnight everyone.

Happy New year’s everyone!


I am going to keep this post short and simple. The picture above is a work in progress with another story behind it. (will post soon)

I just want to say thank you to all those who are currently following me. I started this blog about a month ago and I can’t believe that even 5 people are interested in reading what I have to say. It just goes to show me, that I should never to give up. If the person next to you doesn’t believe in you, someone out there does.

I am not one who likes to set goals for themselves because I feel that if you Want to do something good or bad, fun or boring, healthy and ambitious than you should just go for it.

With that being said I wanted to let you all in on what my continuous life goals are. I am hoping that some of them will come true this year.

* I want to continue to lose weight and become a healthier me.
* I want to have more customers visit and purchase items from my store .
* I want to grow as an artist and continue to try different mediums.
* I want to end the year of 2015 with at least 500 followers on my instagram (I want more of course but I feel 500 is more realistic)
* I want to buy a house by June this year.
* hope to be promoted at my work.

And last but Not least

* I want to buy a better tablet to do digital art.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe new years! Thank you again for all of your support. I looked forward to reading all your guys blogs and making many more friends.



Tonight the picture I posted is one that I am currently working on. The movie this character is from was one that took me a minuet to watch. “Little Groot” made me so happy at the end of the movie. The reason I have titled this post “Anxiety,” is because that’s exactly what happened when I went to see the movie, “The guardian of the galaxies.”

It was the 2nd week it was out. My boyfriend really wanted to go watch it. I was all up for it. Now to step back for a second, if you have never experienced anxiety you may not understand this post. As we were driving to the theatre I started to slightly panic. We were going during a time where it was more crowded then normal. I do not like to be in places where there is a lot of people. Probably why I hate shopping lol. Any way, I tried to talk myself out of it because my boyfriend has never witnessed me going through a panic attack.

I always used him as a safe haven. Felt like because he has never seen me go through one, to save myself the embarrassment, I won’t have one.

We started walking towards the theater. Bought the tickets previously through fandango. There was no turning back. We get our snacks and proceeded to locate our seats. We sit down. Everything is fine. I start to feel the attack coming. My hands getting sweaty. I excuse myself during the previews to go to the restroom. As I’m washing my hands I start to panic because I realized I didn’t bring my phone with me. “What if something happens?” “How will I reach him?” All these thoughts just started going thru my mind. I panicked. Couldn’t breath. Thought I could run to him but I became dizzy. Finally I saw this woman who was welcoming And I asked for her help. Once I had seen her and requested her help, I felt the anxiety go away. She walked me to my boyfriend. I thanked her and sat down. At this time I was shaking and told my boyfriend I wasn’t feeling good.

I actually ended up admitting that I was having an anxiety attack. He asked me if we wanted to leave before the movie started, but I declined because I wanted to try to overcome this obstacle. After 5 mins of the movie starting. I asked to leave. We drove home and I struggled to explain what I was going thru.

After all that, my boyfriend poked fun at me for a while every time that movie came up. I told him he could go see it with out me because I needed to try to figure out what my issues were. For Christmas my aunt bought the movie for him. We FINALLY watched it. And I loved it!

For those who experience anxiety, I’m sorry you have to go thru that. Hopefully we will find the light at the end of the tunnel. Goodnight everyone

Too Many

Have you ever had too many ideas, that you didn’t know where to start first? Well that’s what I am going through now. I have started to write down on each page of my¬†sketch book a different idea of things to draw. I have a drawing for a competition that I need to finish by the end of the week. I hope I can get it in on time, but if not, it will be another piece to add to my Instagram (

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I was wondering this morning, what truly inspired me to want to draw, or just simply being creative. My mother was always doing something crafty. Gluing rocks to wood and adding a mirror to it, or taking chunks of wood and rocks and gluing them to another big block of wood to use to place stuff on. (pic below) Continue reading