Drawing block

So I want to draw but I’m having a drawers block. Lol. I’m not sure if that’s even a thing but If not, I’m making it up.

I wanted to reach out to some of my followers. I wanted to see what you guys would like to see me draw? Any suggestions or request let me know :).

I was thinking of creating characters for a comic but I have to create a story line. This could take me a while. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and start to their week.

If you haven’t started following me on Instagram you should. 🙂 I update my works in progress. Hoping to start posting videos of me working on my pieces soon.

The Jolly Blogger award!

I was so excited when I received Notice that I was nominated for the Jolly Blogger award! How cool! I was nominated by coffeennotes and have found a great appreciation for her blogs. If you haven’t stopped by to see her page I recommend that you do 🙂 at least say Hello or read some things you might find interest in.

The rules are: I must answer the twelve questions that have been left for me,create twelve new questions, and nominate ten lovely bloggers! (this might be hard as I am new to the blogging world but I will try!) So, let’s get started:

What is on your Christmas Wish list?

Currently I have been setting my sites on a printer/scanner/copier in one. I also have been wanting a new comforter, and a bottle to hold vegetable oil (lol). Honestly all these items I can manage to purchase myself, but if anyone must know, those are the items I am wanting.

What would be the perfect Christmas?

I would love if I could sleep in, wake up slowly, stay in my pajama’s all day and watch all the Christmas movies ever made. I have no children yet so I would love to take advantage of peace and quiet.

What’s your favorite winter make-up look?

This is an interesting question because, I usually match my makeup to what I am wearing. If I am wearing dark clothes, then I tend to where my eye make-up on the darker side. If I wear light colors, I tend to stick to the neutral tones. I also have no idea what I will be wearing yet. Depends if the sun is out or not lol.

Do you believe in Santa?

I did when I was younger. Boy did my Dad and Grandma really play it up! One year my dad put a “reindeer” foot print on a letter, and we honestly thought it was for real. Later as the years went on he confessed at dinner one time that it was a stamp he found and he had one of his lady friends write the letter from santa. hahaha. Now that I am older, I don’t believe there is a guy that rides around the world dropping off gifts to kids everywhere for one day. I mean the idea is pretty neat, but highly unlikely. I do believe in the Christmas magic however, so I do like to keep it exciting for my nieces, and nephew.

What is your favorite Christmas food or drink?

I love Eggnog, especially the adult version w/ brandy in it! 😉

Will you be traveling for Christmas, if so where?

I will be going to my boyfriends family this year. It is about an hour away, but it is in a beautiful ghost town (if that’s even possible). A little island in California that use to be a navy base many years ago. My Boyfriends grandmother lives on a farm and she decorates her farm ever year! and I mean the entire farm! (I will post a blog the day after Christmas w/ pictures to see, so make sure you come back and check them out!) There are about 94 blow up characters.

 Would you prefer Christmas with or without snow?

I have never seen snow… 😦 I know, but I haven’t. I would prefer snow, it would be quite the Christmas for me.

Do you like eggnog?


What is your favorite winter clothing?

I love sweatshirts, and pajama bottoms. Nothing better than getting into bed and feeling all warm and snuggly.

Do you leave Santa cookies, if so who eats them?

Not any more. 1) I don’t have a fireplace in my apartment, and 2) I don’t have any kids that would reap the benefits of that.

What was the best gift you ever received?

This is going to make you laugh (I hope)! I had just moved out for the first time and when Christmas came my aunt bought me a vacuum cleaner! I know that might seem silly to some people, but a the time I couldn’t really afford to go out and buy things that I didn’t already have. I loved it so much I cried.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

I would have to say my favorite memory is when my sister came in and woke me up. It was around 6:30am, my dad just got home from work (check out my blog titles “Amazing Dad” for more details) and we were trying to be quiet. As we were sneaking down the hallway you hear my dad say “Already? But Santa just left”. of course we giggled and responded with begging and pleading. My dad eventually obliged as he too started to giggle as we walked down the hall. Once we reach the family room we saw our stockings were overfilled with candy, bubbles, tapes (OMG remember those!?), scratchers, a watch, and I believe some fruit at the very bottom. Then we saw 2 Bicycles. One for me and one for my sister. There were a few other presents around the tree, but we were so happy with what we already had. We didn’t even get dressed, we just threw on some shoes, put our new tapes in our walkman’s and hopped on our bikes. We road for 2.5 hours around our court. So much Fun!

The blogs I wish to nominate for the Jolly Blogger Award are: ( this is the hard part for me)






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Can’t wait to read everyone’s answer. Please remember to tag me in it 🙂 Thank you again Coffennotes for nominating me. I loved reading your answers 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Holiday no matter what you are doing or what you celebrate! you are honestly one of my first “friends” on this site. I appreciate your support!